A transparent bottle that makes recycling easy

Colombia. – The Sprite lemon-lime flavor drink changes its bottle to a transparent one , with the aim . of facilitating the recycling and transformation . Process of containers. This strategy is align . with the commitments. of Sistema Coca-Cola , made up of  FEMSA, to recycle the . Equivalent of 100% of its packaging by . The process will . Be gradual and will end in. The classic green bottle of this drink is recyclable, but they must go through a .More complex process . Throughout the entire transformation cycle.  The new transparent containers simplify this process, as they can be more easily and transforminto a new bottle.

Bottle with a sustainable approach

For its part, transparent glass is more flexible when it comes to recycling: it can be t . Together with glass of other colors, while green can . only go with its same color. We have clear objectives . To support the responsible and sustainable growth of our brands. The company’s objective is to facilitate the cycle of its own packaging, ultimately supporting recyclability from Job Function Email Database bottle to bottle, under a . Perfectly circular economy concept . Declares Carlos Martin, president of operations at . Coca-Cola Colombia. You may be interest in: These keys contribute to the.

Constant evolution of the

Containers refers to the main sugar offerings and the black represents the company’s Sugar Free options. This new bottle, in addition to the carbon footprint, supports the company’s global initiative to work towards a World Without Waste. In , it co recover . The equivalent of 100% of its packaging by , and to ensure that 100% of its packaging is recyclable and made with at least 50 PET by. This initiative ratifies the brand’s commitment to ensuring that BE Numbers the packaging of its products is increasingly safe and sustainable, contributing to the country’s circular economy. From Sistema we will .

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