Advantages and Disadvantages of Nodejs Web App Development

As we all know Java Script is one of the major elements which is a programming language following the ECMA script specification used for making front-end language. On the other hand, it is traditionally used on a large number of different platforms like Cordova. Phone Gap, Appcelerator titanium, Apache etc. Although saying that the area of java script application does not end here. Lately, this app got the buzz about serving as the server-side programming which is actually. Performed by the shift in web development i.e. Node.js. The major difference between Java script and Node.js is that Java Script is used as a web front end development tool which proves more to be a handy customer for building. The cross-development platform. But nowadays JavaScript has extended and covered the vast area which means. It is now used as the site server programming too.

So what is Node.js and how it works

Many people think that Node.js is a WhatsApp Number List framework which is pretty similar to Java script but in reality, Node.js is a cross-platform, run time environment which allows administering JavaScript on the site of the server. Talking about its history it was originally written in 2009 but at. That time it doesn’t get that much of a boom or people don’t get the knowledge about it that much. But now it has grown and is widely adopted by people all over the world. But talking about the current time many famous companies use the same application for developing their applications like – Walmart, Netflix, Medium, Groupon etc.

why big companies choose Node.js for using at the back end

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To find out you have to understand BE Numbers its negative as well as positive impact before making any choice! Therefore in this article, we are suggesting the positive and negative impact of choosing Node.js web app development which you may consider before considering it for developing your applications. Because any wrong decision can cost you more money so it’s better to choose wisely. So let’s take a look over these points.

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