Time to Say Goodbye to Your Current Client

Successful business owners are like trapeze artists. We reach out across the void, making leaps from one place to another. With complete faith that we’re going to make it to the other side. Here’s the thing: As much as we may feel beholden to our clients, I want you to remember that you are running the show. You’re in charge of carving out creative time for your business. And you have an obligation to yourself to ensure that your business works for you. This means that every so often, it’s important to review your current client list and think about releasing the clients who aren’t serving you anymore.

You’re Worth It So Make Magic

Whether or not it’s time to say goodbye to a client depends on whether you offer services or products. Let’s take a look at each. If you offer services Writers with service-based businesses should continually upgrade the quality of the clients they serve. In the early days of your business, you take whatever work you can. But as your skills and results improve, you’ll enjoy your work more if you find clients who challenge you. Plus, you can charge more for Job Function Email Database challenging work. So upgrading the quality of your clients leads to an upgrade in revenue, too. Writers with product-based businesses may need to serve different audiences as their skills grow. In the early days of your business, you may have created products that solved simple challenges. But as your skills grow, your products can solve more complex challenges. The more complex and valuable your solution.

This Is Where the Magic Happens

The more you can charge for your product. Upgrading the quality of your clients leads to an upgrade in revenue, too. At least once a year, take a look at your client roster and watch for the red flags below. Your clients like your product because it’s inexpensive. Your clients buy your product — but they don’t use it or get results. Your clients ask you for discounts — even though your product is reasonably priced. Your clients default on the payment plans they committed to. By her second year. She was writing six product descriptions BE Numbers in the same amount of time. To ensure she was compensated fairly as her skills and output increased, Yolanda raised her hourly rate to $100 an hour.

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