Digital crimes role play and discussion property

 It is also possible to sign up for just one module . Or just those that you consider most useful for your work or for your personal curiosity. Contact us webinar topics on meia devices and social meia below is the list of meetings propose within the webinar dissocial inside the network without getting entangle terms and conditions what have we agree to? Privacy how many can see what we share? Memory nothing is forgotten permanence and oblivion in the digital age screen time addiction how much time do meia devices take away from us? Digital crimes role play and discussion property intellectual and private whose things do i publish? Targeting and monetization our data.

Dissocial is available in the following

 To the highest bidder! Fake news and challenges when communication becomes dangerous. Reputations. People. Masks what are we when C Level Contact List we are online? Teaching tools motivation and interaction in dad webinar delivery methods dissocial was presente and offere. Several times. In person. In schools. Training institutes. Public halls of municipalities and associations .  modes fad distance learning. Thanks to èspero . Inperson training compatibly with the regulations in force. For more information on registration. Contact èspero .

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 You will get all the information regarding times. Costs. Methods. Materials distribute during the course. Teachers. Contact us an online course. For those who BE Numbers are increasingly online the pandemic has made it necessary for many people to spend even more time in front of a screen .  of digitalisation which has been rumore for some time in italy. Zoom and google meet. Skype and facetime have arrive in the homes of many. Dad has arrive for students. While for teachers and parents there has never been a physiological time to understand what the digital tools which.

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