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Let’s visualize your morning for a sec. The sun’s peeking out and you wake up, stretch, and climb out of bed. You grab your beverage of choice and head to your desk. Waiting in your inbox is an email from your favorite client. They loved what you just sent them. They want to hire you for a new project. Better yet, they’re asking if they can please put you on retainer. You smile and keep scrolling. In the next email, another ideal customer sends you a similar message. Your work is amazing. You’re expensive but you’re worth it. Your time is valuable and they want more of it. They ask — politely — if you can fit them in for another big project next month. But wait, there’s more.

Your Ideal Customer Has a Problem

You keep scrolling and find two more emails from clients who love what you do. Respect your time, and want to pay you big bucks to get access to more of it. What needs to happen to make this dream scenario your new reality? It starts with you. If you want to charge big bucks for the creative work you do. You have to start by believing you C Level Executive List deserve to be well paid for your solutions. Then, you need to act like you deserve to earn more. Everything you do — seen and unseen — needs to telegraph to the world that you’re worth it. Let’s start by reviewing what to look for in an ideal customer. If you’re not attracting ideal customers now, this is where you need to start. There are three must-have qualities that make customers ideal — and they all matter.

Ideal Customer Has Enough Money to Solve

I’ll draw them and explain them below. It’s not enough to have a problem — lots of people walk around with problems they’re not aware of. We’re looking for people who are feeling the negative impact of their problem. Important: It’s not your job to educate people about their problems. If you want new customers faster, capture BE Numbers them after they’re aware of their problem and are ready to move toward solving it. This last quality? It’s the one that matters most. There also the one that many people forget to prioritize. It’s crucial that your ideal customer has a problem and is aware of the problem.

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