The Best Strategies to Improve Your Local Lead Generation

If your business primarily offers products or services to local customers, a focus on generating local leads is essential. No longer can you rely only on ads in the newspaper or flyers distributed in the mail or at local events. Today the goal is to drive traffic to your website and generate leads that you can potentially turn into paying customers. Here are the six best strategies to get you started on generating more local leads.

Master Localized SEO

Let’s face it: people go online to answer their questions and to locate what they need. So, your goal is to attract them to a local source — YOU. The Email Marketing List most important thing you can do to get their attention and generate new leads online is to master local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, including for your website and blog posts. Start with your keywords. There is less competition for localized keywords, so you can rank higher up in search results if you choose the right ones. For example, “law firm Boston” narrows the search results down significantly, potentially positioning you at the top or close to the top of Google search results. In other words, you are helping local consumers find you quickly. Additional components of your localized SEO may include.

My Business profile to include business

contact information, customer reviews, and hours of operation. Creating landing page tags, meta descriptions, localized URLs, and BE Numbers headings. Embedding a Google Map showing your exact location on your landing page.

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