Verify mobile phone number important

Then you will enter the mobile phone verification process. Remember: you cannot select a domestic mobile phone number here. and domestic mobile phone numbers cannot be registere. ChatGPT registration tutorial (detaile guide) If you just want to experience the product. you can directly purchase the service at a certain seafood market and receive the verification code for you in real time. which is very fast. Friends with stronger hands-on skills can receive verification codes through the virtual code receiving platform.

The code receiving platform recommends

Using Maozi’s platform. The specific operations are as follows: 1) Enter the homepage. Of SMS-Activate. a virtual number service that accepts text messages online . select the [Register]. Button in the upper right corner. and continue to Decision Maker Email List select the [Register] button in the pop-up window: ChatGPT registration tutorial (detaile guide) ChatGPT registration tutorial (detaile guide) 2) Use an email to register (it is not recommende to use a domestic email to avoid receiving problems. preferably Gmail or the like). The password must be more than 8 characters long and must contain Latin letters and numbers.

And at least one capital letter

ChatGPT registration tutorial (detaile guide) 3) After entering the information. click the [Register] button below. There will be a message at the top saying “We suspect you are a human. Please pass the robot verification” (To complain. other verifications are BE Numbers all suspecte of being robots and nee to be verifie. Here is the suspicion. Human beings nee to verify. is it really…). no operation is require. just wait a moment (no more than 5 seconds). ChatGPT registration tutorial (detaile guide) 4) After successful verification. when you see the green hook-shape “Success” displaye on the page. click the [Register] button again. ChatGPT registration tutorial (detaile guide) 5) After clicking

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