Website Personalization is the best Solution in a difficult economy

When the economy shows signs of slowing down, marketing budgets are often the first to suffer losses. However, not all marketing investments are created equal, and personalizing your website will help you regardless of the economic climate. There are several reasons why your business should focus on website personalization. The first is that customers now expect personalized experiences from almost every brand they interact with. Over the past decade, companies like Amazon, Google, and Netflix have shown how technology and data can create seamless and delightful customer experiences . According to the report , 84% of customers say that being treated like a person and not a number is important to winning their business.

Customers are less forgiving of

A disjointed experience or having to put in a lot of effort to find what they want. And because websites have become the de facto digital experience for many businesses, they are one of the C Level Executive List first places where customers will form an impression of your brand. Customers are using high standards to evaluate whether or not to do business with you. So personalizing that experience seems obvious to most organizations. Not always so. Here are three more reasons why website personalization is important in a more difficult economic environment. Table of Contents. Website personalization can offset stagnant advertising budgets For most brands, the largest percentage of marketing spend is allocated to top-of-funnel activities.

Focused on raising brand

Product awareness for new customers. This includes advertising or sponsorship campaigns. These are often the first marketing cuts during an economic slowdown. Many executives BE Numbers believe that if customers do not currently intend to spend, it is better to reduce the outbound marketing used to attract them until the storm passes. This is an effective cost-saving measure during a recession, but cutting back will reduce the number of potential customers searching for your brand and visiting your website. Because there are fewer visitors to your site, each one increases in value. Simple math says you need to convert more customers to compensate for the decline in overall website visits you’re experiencing. Personalization will help you improve your site’s overall conversion.

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